It is my deepest honor to welcome you to Yamama Water Engineering Y.W.E, and serve you with the best services our group has to offer.

When the development of Qatar started to evolve, Al-Dolaimi family with the vision of the future began stamping their fingers for business originally focused in oil industries under Al Dolaimi Group.

As the progress in Qatar continues to soar, therealization of expanding the business by diversification emerged, hence Y.W.E was formed.

You can ascertain Y.W.E and the services we delivered by how we invest in our rank and files.

At YWE we have a real appreciation for our human resources.

We value the importance of finding the right people for the right job, and we invest in them.

When it comes to our services, Our concept to completion formula works. We conceptualize, we design, we consult, we project, we manage, we construct, we take responsibility from the beginning of the project to final sign off and commissioning. This is an advanced, innovative business model that our client base has enthusiastically embraced.

When you deal with YWE, certainly you deal with Skill, Pride and Dedication in all levels.Lastly, let me take this opportunity to thank all of our employees and partners who have been constantly striving for the best.

It is with pleasure to impart you how Yamama Water Engineering part of ABM Group has grown into a promising locally owned group of companies. From its humble beginnings, ABM Group today is well positioned in oil equipments supply, water engineering, engineering consultancy, architecture, construction and contracting, computer solutions,building, and municipal roadway. Apart from this, we keep our companies abreast with the latest computer technology in the market by investing in our computer company, providing only exceptional computer solutions and newest models in the market.

Our Groups development strategy is diversification and internationalization.
It lays equal importance both on domestic and overseas business. It gives parallel stress in production operation as well as capital operation.
It holds the ideology of scientific management and people orientation. And it encourages a harmonious progress of both the company and each individual.
Our group maintains the corporate spirit of Solidarity, Reality, Diligence and Innovation. We adhere to our management concept which is to look forward and evaluate, think as a team and work as a unit.
On behalf of Yamama Water Engineering, with pride and enthusiasm, I welcome you to a more productive partnership and prosperous future ahead of us.