• The promotion of the development and advancement of the science,  art  and practice of  water  conservation and environmental  management,  especially  the  treatment  of water and waste water.

  • To  provide  means  for  professional  intercourse  and exchange of ideas between members of the company practicing water and environmental management.

  • To promote support and encourage standards of excellence and integrity.In addition our commercial lines of water filtration items and our products also have an entire residential  line.



Drinking water has a dramatic impact on the human body, so making sure that it is free of harmful contaminates is extremely important. "Improving water” has always been the main focus and to that, products have been designed, created and evolved as industry knowledge has increased.

All types of businesses around the world, including the food services industry, major airline industry, and the U.S. military trust our products.

The importance of good drinking water in maintaining human health was recognized early in history. However, it took centuries before people understood that their senses alone were not adequate judges of water quality.

The early twentieth century, better protection of water supplies from sewage pollution and simple but effective methods of water treatment (chlorination, sand filtration) had greatly reduced rates of waterborne disease in developed nations.

Yamama Water Engineering is significantly a water distributor in Qatar.

Part of our service includes reminders on when your system requires consumables, re-testing of water quality, and equipment maintenance. We maintain a full fleet of water treatment services to keep your system working properly.

  • Our staffs are fully trained in all of the major water treatment systems and attend ongoing training for the technology being developed today
  • Based on your specific water sample and needs, our technicians will professionally install a water system designed for you, within your budget.
  • We carry a complete line of water filtration system consumables on many of the major brands.
  • We  operate and  maintain  an  extensive  network  of  water  supply systems,  potable  and  industrial  water  treatment  plants,  and  municipal  and  commercial & industrial sector & wastewater treatment plants.
  • Provide 24 operations and maintenance services and support our global clients.
  • Compliance with laws & regulations with special emphasis on health safety and environmental aspects.
  • Cost efficiency and effectiveness



The  processes  and  technologies  used  to  remove  contaminants  from  water  and  to  improve  and  protect  water quality are similar all around the world.

The choice of which treatment to use from the great variety of available processes depends on the characteristics of the water, the types of water quality problems likely to be present, and the costs of different treatments.


Filtration occurs as the water passes through filters that help remove even smaller particles.

One of the oldest and simplest processes used to treat water is to pass it through a bed of fine particles generally sand.​

This process of sand filtration usually removes fine suspended solid matter as well as some other particles, such as larger microorganisms.


Water is disinfected to kill any pathogens that may be present in the water supply and to prevent them from re-growing in the distribution systems. Without disinfection, the risk from waterborne disease is increased.​

The two most common methods to kill microorganisms in the water supply are oxidation with chemicals such as chlorine or ozone or irradiation.